Discover San Pedro

Discover San Pedro

Formerly a separate city, San Pedro (san-PEE-dro) was consolidated with Los Angeles in 1909.

San Pedro was named for St. Peter of Alexandria, a fourth-century bishop in Alexandria, Egypt. His feast day is November 24th on the local ecclesiastical calendar of Spain, the day on which Juan Rodríguez Cabrillo discovered the bay in 1542 which would be known as San Pedro. Across the channel, Santa Catalina Island, named after Catherine of Alexandria, was claimed for the Spanish Empire the next day, on her feast day, November 25th.

San Pedro was originally dominated by the fishing industry, but is now primarily a working class community centered around the Port of Los Angeles, a major international seaport. The Port of LA, together with the Port of Long Beach, make up the largest port in the United States.

Ethnically diverse San Pedro was a magnet for European immigrants from various countries for many years. This is reflected in the number of restaurants around town representing diverse cuisines, especially Croatian, Portuguese, Mexican, Italian, Irish and Greek.

Points of Interest


White Point Nature Preserve
Angels Gate Park
Point Fermin Park
Lookout Point Park
Joan Milke Flores Park
22nd Street Park
Friendship Park
Peck Park
Averill Park
Alma Park

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San Pedro 1940s
Postcard 1930-1945
Postcard 1930-1945
1912 Postcard - Four-masted lumber schooner Carrier Dove, dockside, unloading her wares.

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