FREE Shade Trees Delivered to Your Home

FREE Shade Trees Delivered to Your Home

Did you know… if you live or own property within the City of Los Angeles, you are eligible to receive up to seven free shade trees from City Plants?

In Your Yard

If you live in the City of Los Angeles, City Plants (in partnership with Los Angeles Conservation Corps) will deliver free trees to your home along with stakes, ties, and fertilizer pellets!  Enjoy planting them with your family. It’s a perfect way to celebrate our planet, whether it’s Earth Day or any day of the year!

Sign up here to request shade trees to plant in your yard. If you plant your trees to the south or west of your home, you can save money and energy by cooling your house down!

To view a list of the yard trees available, click here.

Parkway Trees

A parkway is the space between your sidewalk and the street. If you are a resident of the City of LA, City Trees may be able to plant trees in front of your home. Apply for trees here and be sure to specify in the comments section that you want parkway trees. City Trees will go to your house to see if planting in the parkway is possible – not all parkways have enough room for a tree. If you get a parkway tree, you will be responsible for watering it during the first five years while it establishes its roots.

Free Trees for Your Business

Trees mean business- they bring in customers, get them to stay longer, and get them to spend more money while they’re in your shopping district. City Trees will give you free trees for your business if you agree to water and care for them. If you want trees to plant on your own private property, City Trees can deliver them for you to plant. If you want trees along the street and have an open parkway or an empty tree well, City Plants can plant them for you! Also, if you and your business district would like to cover the cost of cutting tree wells along your street, City Trees can take care of the City’s permitting process for you.

To request free trees for your business, sign up here.

Where Should I Plant?

It’s best to plant trees about 15-20 feet away from your home on the west and east sides. West is always the best for energy efficiency, as the trees will shade your home in the hot afternoon sun. Planting trees on the east side of your home helps a little to shade it from the morning sun, but planting to the north will not provide much shade at all.

Plant trees so that they shade your air conditioning unit. If you have a central air system, you can plant trees to shade it during the hottest parts of the day. It will not have to work as hard, and will use less power (and less money) as it operates.

Complete Tree Planting Guidelines (PDF)


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