Freebies from the City

Freebies from the City

Living in Los Angeles isn’t cheap, but not everything has to break the bank. The City of Los Angeles actually offers a variety of free items to LA residents. These are NO COST programs that are simple to use and also have the added benefit of protecting our environment and making the city a cleaner and more beautiful place to live.

Dog Waste Bags

LA Stormwater makes cleaning up after your pet easier and cheaper with free dog waste bags. Opt for a roll of bags and a refillable canister that you can hang on your pup’s leash, or just choose the bags.

Reusable Grocery Bags

Add a snazzy new cotton tote bag to your collection of reusable shopping bags when you take a pledge to conserve water. It’s up to you to make good on that pledge, but we trust you.


LA Sanitation turns the contents of your green bins into free nutrient-rich mulch that can go right back into your garden! Mulch helps keep your plants hydrated and naturally pest-free. BYOC (bring your own container) to one of 11 locations throughout LA and fill up with as much mulch as you need!


Spruce up your sidewalk with a storm water-capturing shade tree! The City will plant trees along your street for free. In exchange, you must promise to care for it and water it while it’s still young.

Bulky Item Disposal

That old fridge doesn’t have to take up space in your garage any longer. The City of LA will pick up and dispose of your bulk items for free, just make sure to call at least one day before your regular waste collection day.

Faucet Aerators and Low-Flow Showerheads

Save more than 7,000 gallons of water a year by outfitting your kitchen and bath with these free water-savers provided by the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power.


While not technically free, LADWP and SoCal WaterSmart also have some generous rebates that help you recoup the cost of water-saving household items, such as rain barrels, rotating sprinkler nozzles, high-efficiency clothes washers and low-flow toilets.

All freebies and rebates listed here are available to City of Los Angeles residents only.


NOTE: While we strive to present information as accurately as possible, offers are subject to change without notice.

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