Get Paid to Upgrade Your Home Appliances

Get Paid to Upgrade Your Home Appliances

Southern California Gas Company (SoCalGas) provides incentives to encourage current customers to increase their energy efficiency. Their program offers freebies and rebates for the installation of qualified energy-efficient products ranging from attic insulation to water heaters. Equipment must meet the efficiency standards provided on the SoCalGas website, so be sure to check for eligibility, updates and additional information before making purchases. All information applies to SoCalGas customers only.


SoCalGas offers a FREE Energy Efficiency Starter Kit that includes three faucet aerators and a low-flow showerhead to help you save energy and water. These devices allow air to enter into the water stream, maintaining a high-pressure flow while reducing water usage. Request your FREE Kit here.


Water Heater Rebates – $100

Receive a $100 rebate on Energy Star-certified, high-efficiency natural gas storage water heaters with an Energy Factor (EF) of 0.67 or greater.

Tankless Water Heater Rebates – $200/$150

Receive a rebate of up to $200 on Energy Star-certified natural gas tankless water heaters.

  • $200 rebate for models with an Energy Factor of 0.90 or higher
  • $150 rebate for models that meet a minimum Energy Factor of 0.82-0.89

Note: you must be replacing a conventional tank-type water heater.

Clothes Washer – $75/$50

  • $75 rebate on Energy Star Most Efficient 2015 clothes washers with Integrated Modified Energy Factor (IMEF) of 2.74 or greater AND Integrated Water Factor (IWF) of 3.2 or less.
  • $50 rebate on select Higher Efficiency Energy Star-certified clothes washers. Must meet Energy Star’s current specifications.

Find qualifying clothes washer models at

Cold Water Clothes Washer – $200 Rebate

A $200 rebate on the Whirlpool Cold Water Technology Washer (Model Number WTW4715EW).

Low-flow Showerhead – $15

Don’t let water and money go down the drain. Purchase the Evolve™ ShowerStart™ Roadrunner showerhead directly from SoCalGas’s online storefront and receive your rebate at checkout.

Attic or Wall Insulation – $0.15/sq. ft.

Attic Insulation: Existing insulation must be R-11 or less. The final insulation level must be R-30 or R-19 if there is less than 24 inches of attic clearance.

Wall Insulation: Existing walls must be un-insulated and the installed insulation must achieve a minimum of R-13.

Furnace Rebates – $200/$150

  • $200 rebate on Higher Efficiency Energy Star-certified central natural gas furnaces – 95 percent or greater Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE).
  • $150 rebate on Energy Star-certified central natural gas furnaces – 92-94 percent AFUE.

For more information and any updates on these rebates, see the SoCalGas website.

Whole House Approach

If you’re planning to make extensive upgrades to your home, SoCalGas offers a Whole Home Upgrade program in which energy-efficient upgrades can earn you a rebate of up to $6,500! Make your home more comfortable, improve air quality, save energy and possibly lower your energy bills! By making multiple improvements at the same time, the impact of your energy-efficient upgrades are multiplied. Find out more on the SoCalGas website.

Don’t See What You’re Looking For?

If you don’t see the rebate you were hoping for, the LA Department of Water and Power (LADWP) also offers rebates for their customers. Learn more here.

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