Save Water, Power & Money with LADWP Rebates

Save Water, Power & Money with LADWP Rebates

It’s a great time of year to save water, power and money with the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power’s (LADWP) residential money-saving rebates and programs.

The LADWP offers a variety of rebates and programs to help customers save water, power and money. From upgrading appliances to energy efficient ones to tearing out turf, you’ll find more than a few ways to cut your utility bills and your environmental footprint.  Help save water, power and money today!

Before you start

• These rebates are available only to LA Department of Water & Power (LADWP) customers.
• Each type of rebate can only be given once per mailing address.
• Always check whether the item you’re buying is eligible for a rebate before you purchase.
• Keep in mind that rebate amounts can change rapidly, so be sure to confirm the current rate when you apply.

Here’s a quick look at some of LADWP’s most popular rebates:


  • Variable Speed Pool Pump—Up to $1,000 rebate
  • Cash-in-Your Lawn—$1.75 per square foot rebate
  • Rain Barrel—$100 rebate
  • Rain Cistern—$400 rebate
  • Weather-Based Irrigation Controller—$200 rebate
  • Rotating Sprinkler Heads—$6.00 per head rebate


  • Heating or Air Conditioning System—Up to $120 per ton rebate
  • Lighting—$2.50 per bulb rebate
  • Television—Up to $25 rebate
  • Refrigerator—Up to $75 rebate
  • Clothes Washer—$300 per unit
  • Toilet—$100 rebate
  • Free Faucet Aerators—Save $100s per year off your utility bill

For complete details or to apply for any rebates and programs, visit the LADWP website today!

If you are also a So CalGas Company customer, they have their own set of rebates to offer as well. Learn more about the So Cal Gas rebates here.

You can also learn other ways to save money on your bill by decreasing your water and power usage. Find some simple and useful efficiency tips here.

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