The Importance of Preventive Home Maintenance

The Importance of Preventive Home Maintenance

Preventive maintenance on your home can mean the difference between maintaining the value in your home or depleting the equity you might have gained.

By doing minor routine tasks, proactively and systematically, you can help keep your home operating and functioning normally. Avoiding huge operating malfunctions or complete failures can easily be avoided if homeowners take just a few minutes to do some routine minor household tasks before little issues turn into major ones. Many home fires and losses could have been avoided if the homeowner had a system in place to avoid such disasters.

Scheduling Maintenance and Saving Money

Scheduled maintenance for homes is like changing the oil in cars. It keeps them running properly, efficiently, and for longer. Most people know that engine oil should be changed every 3,000 miles. Preventive maintenance on key components in your home is just as important, but not many homeowners know what should be done and when. Fortunately, HomeKeepr can help with that.

HomeKeepr is completely FREE! It’s a program that delivers simple home maintenance reminders directly to your phone or email inbox. There’s also a network of trusted home service providers to help with any maintenance or repair needs.

How it Works

  • Download the HomeKeepr app to your mobile device or desktop computer
    Download here
  • Answer 10 simple questions about your home
  • Get home maintenance reminders delivered right to your phone or email inbox
  • And a list of recommended local vendors to help out

Preventive maintenance saves you money. Many of these items can be done by the homeowner, cutting costs significantly, although the cost of hiring a professional is usually better than not performing the maintenance at all. Having to spend money on replacement appliances and installation costs can be several times more costly than the simple maintenance of them.

Preventive maintenance is a very powerful tool that can save you hundreds and even thousands of dollars—but only if you take action. Check out HomeKeepr today.

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