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Free Mulch to Los Angeles City Residents


The City of Los Angeles provides free mulch to LA City residents. You can pick it up at one of five locations around the City.

Mulch is great for retaining soil moisture and suppressing weeds. LA Sanitation (LASAN) creates high-quality mulch from the green waste collected from homes across the City. This mulch is available free to residents!

Free Self-Service

Bring your own shovel, bag or pick-up; load up your own containers and take as much as you need. If any locations run out of mulch or you want to know the delivery schedule, please call the Lopez Canyon Environmental Education Center at 818-485-0703.

Self-Service Locations

Lopez Canyon – 11950 Lopez Canyon Road
Van Nuys – 15800 Victory Boulevard
Boyle Heights – 850 North Mission Road
Lincoln Heights – 1903 Humboldt Street
San Pedro – 1400 North Gaffey Street

According to LASAN, the green yard trimmings they collect go through a thorough cleaning, screening and grinding process before being spread into piles. The piles are then heated up to 120-140 degrees and frequently aerated by turning for 20 days. High temperatures, thorough turning, and composting all help to give microbes their best shot at pesticides to break them down into harmless chemicals during the composting process but there is no guarantee that all be eliminated. LASAN lab analyzes a sample once every 2 months and posts the results on their website. Mulch is not delivered until it is tested and has passed the US composting Council Seal of Testing Assurance.


NOTE: It is always a good idea to verify date, time, location and other information prior to going. While we strive to present information as accurately as possible, Best of the South Bay is not responsible for the accuracy of this information and third-party offers are subject to change.


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