Plants to Purify the Air in Your Home


    We all know how prevalent it is to hear about pollution in big cities, but what about in your own home? Probably something that is hardly thought about, air pollution inside your own home is definitely a topic that needs to be discussed! Everything from the furniture we buy to the rugs we put down to what is tracked in off of our shoes each day can play a part in the overall air quality in a house…so what can we do to clean the air a bit, and why is it important?

    With the chemicals and substances within the furnishings of our houses making approximately 90% of the pollution in the air of our homes, it’s imperative to find ways to keep the air clean and breathable. And since we’re actually living indoors approximately 90% of the time as well, decreasing negative effects of pollution is necessary. Indoor items that can cause air pollution include cleaning supplies, smoking, dander from pets, and appliances used for cooking, just to name a few.

    Thankfully, there are plants that we can put throughout the house in order to improve the air quality. NASA even discovered that certain plants can breakdown harmful toxins in the air that could lead to nasal irritation, sore throats, fatigue, headaches, and even cardiovascular disease and cancer.

    So, what plants should you look for to help purify the air in your home? Let’s take a look at a few popular choices!

    Rubber plants: originating from India, rubber plants require moderate watering and love bright light – perfect for sunny rooms of your home! Plants will not only help to purify your air, but you might also start to notice improvements in energy levels and sleep as well. Be aware, these pretty plants are very toxic to animals, so don’t let your four-legged friends get near! Rubber plants are famous for reducing carbon monoxide in the air.

    Peace lilies: noted to be one of the top plants to eliminate toxins within a home, peace lilies can live in pretty much any light – but they enjoy sunshine in order for you to see blooms. Also known to be toxic to animals and humans alike if there is contact with the plant, peace lilies are wonderful for eliminating formaldehyde and ammonia (among other toxins) from the home if left alone.

    English ivy: a climbing plant that loves being inside, ivy like this can set the scene to not only promote a relaxing environment, but it can be an air purifier as well. English ivy needs to be watered a lot as it grows, and can be toxic to both pets and humans if consumed. This thriving plant not only removes carbon monoxide from the air, but also benzene and formaldehyde as well.

    Granted, this is only a small compilation of some of the plants that can assist in purifying the air in your home; be aware of the toxicity levels of any plants you are planning to incorporate (especially if there are small children or pets around), and make sure you can keep up with their care schedule.

    Consider some foliage for your home to enhance multiple areas of your wellness!

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