Randy’s Donuts Expanding Throughout So Cal


Randy’s Donuts is an iconic staple in Los Angeles. Their larger-than-life 32-foot landmark donut is well known due to special appearances in hit movies such as Entourage, Coming to America, 2012, Iron Man 2, Volcano, Get Shorty, and many more.

Now they’re opening a new South Bay location in El Segundo! This will be Randy’s Donuts’ third location, after the original in Inglewood and a year-old shop at Westfield Century City. The official grand opening at the Apollo Landing Plaza of El Segundo is September 10th, 2018.

This won’t be the end of Randy’s expansion. The company is presently building or negotiating leases for up to twelve more locations throughout Southern California and two in Las Vegas. A huge donut-shaped entrance is currently being built at Hollywood & Highland and is scheduled to open in November. A store at the intersection of Hawthorne and Lomita opens in Torrance in summer 2019. The company is in negotiations for up to four stores in Orange County, two stores for Las Vegas, and individual locations in Downey, Downtown LA, Santa Monica, Sherman Oaks, Pasadena, and Long Beach. Their first international location is expected in Manila, Philippines.

Locals have enjoyed Randy’s well-crafted donuts for over 60 years. A few all-time favorites and best sellers include the classic glazed, chocolate glazed and warm apple fritters. With 35 donuts to choose from, Randy’s Donuts prides themselves on serving only the freshest and lowest priced donuts possible, ranging from $0.95 to $3.50.

“At Randy’s, we have been making every donut by hand for over 60 years using many of the same equipment and baking tools for decades. Because all our donuts are handmade, every donut is unique, leaving no two exactly alike. We only use the finest baking ingredients available in the world. The best ingredients coupled with expert bakers and our Randy’s secret mixes, produces a donut that is fluffier, airier, larger and stays fresh longer. With the opening of our third location in El Segundo, we look forward to bringing our freshly made donuts to the South Bay neighborhoods and being involved within the community.” – Owner, Mark Kelegian

Randy’s Donuts
2171 Rosecrans Avenue
El Segundo, CA 90245

About Randy’s Donuts

Randy’s Donuts in Inglewood was built-in 1953 as the second location of the now-defunct Big Donut Drive-In chain by Russell C. Wendell, a donut machine salesman. In 1962, Mr. Wendell sold the store to Mr. Eskow who renamed it Randy’s Donuts after his son.  In the early 1970’s he sold the store to his cousins Larry and Ron Weintraub, who were two hard working brothers who ran the store until 2015, often working 7 days a week. In 2015, after deciding to retire, Larry and Ron sought out a buyer who would continue the family tradition they had fostered over 45 years, eventually selling to Mark Kelegian and his family. Mr. Kelegian and his three daughters carry on the 60-year tradition and has expanded the company’s charitable and social efforts.

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