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    All images courtesy of James Corner Field Operations and Rapt Studio

    Tuesday night, March 20, 2018 and thousands of local San Pedro residents came together to get a glimpse of what’s to come of their waterfront.  There are still skeptics, why wouldn’t there be, this isn’t just decades in the works but for some lifelong San Pedrans, generations of promises broken time and time again. For the first time, real visible action is taking place as buildings are coming down and the groundwork is being laid.


    The Master Plan came from decades of dialog with community leaders, countless re-imaginings of the old New England style fishing village, the Port of L.A. working to integrate cruise ship terminals with tourist focused attractions and commercial tenants that form the backbone of Old San Pedro. The project got off the ground with the Environmental Impact Report (EIR) from 2009. In 2012 the LA Harbor Commission put out a RFP (Request for Proposals) to redevelop the 30 acre site. In 2013 the development team of Jerico Development and The Ratkovich Company has lead to 3 large public meetings and years of planning to get to this point.

    In 2016 the Board of Harbor Commissioners awarded a 50-year master ground lease to the San Pedro Public Market LLC (SPPM) where Ports O’Call new stands. It’s important to note, 50 years is a very short time for a development such as this. It is difficult to find financing for projects with a short window and developers with a master lease tend to invest less for maintenance and improvements the closer they get to the end of their lease. This could have been a contributor to the past master lessee allowing Port O’Call to fall into functional obsolescence.



    The plans call for a world-class, urban waterfront destination for locals and tourists that re-energizes the boardwalk and inspires exploration and learning.

    Our mission is “To produce an economically sustaining development that improves the quality of life for the San Pedro community and the LA Waterfront.”

    San Pedro Public Market is envisioned to be an environmentally sensitive and sustainable urban environment––a vibrant, family-friendly shopping, dining, entertainment and recreational themed destination that will connect downtown San Pedro and the surrounding local community to its waterfront and bring jobs & economic opportunities to the community and beyond.
    [envira-gallery id=”7624″] All images courtesy of James Corner Field Operations and Rapt Studio



    Promenade – Demolition (Port of LA) / Seawall – ongoing through 2021
    Phase 1A – SPPM Construction – anticipated start July 2019
    Phase 1A – SPPM Open – anticipated with 12-18 months of construction for late 2020
    San Pedro Public Market is scheduled to open late 2020 or beginning of 2021
    Phase 1B – Construction – anticipated start early 2021
    Phase 1B- Open – anticipated after 12-18 months of construction to be late 2021 or early 2022



    Wayne Ratkovich stated, as part of his commitment to the San Pedro community, he will make it a priority to solicit tenants from successful local businesses seeking to expand their operations into the San Pedro Public Market.  He said Sirens, a popular tea and coffee house on 7th street is looking to be one tenant added to the market when it opens. Ports O’Call restaurant is a community treasure and deserves a prime location in he new development should the current negotiations be fruitful.

    Part of the commitment from the Port of LA is to connect many of the attractions along the entire waterfront extending beyond the public market drawing them together by creating better access and a better visitor experience.

    The San Pedro Public Market will be a world-class, urban waterfront destination for locals and tourists the re-energizes the boardwalk and connects downtown San Pedro, and the surrounding local community to its waterfront.

    The Rubber Tire Trolleys will make it easier to move folks from the cruise ship terminals and Catalina Express to the San Pedro Public Market, to the downtown business district, to Crafted and Brouerji West, to AltaSea, SpaceX and the Cabrillo Marina and all the way out to the outer harbor where a music venue can invite concerts, live performances, boat shows and Red-bull Motocross events.

    A number of presenters from firms representing these businesses and points of interest included videos you can view below.

    Catalina Express


    Los Angeles Maritime Museum

    CRAFTED at the Port of Los Angeles

    Los Angeles Maritime Institute

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