A Guide To Becoming An Urban Fisherman


Recreational fishing reportedly has a 4.6 billion dollar impact on the California economy. While most people envision recreational anglers fishing in calm quiet areas, Los Angeles offers a unique perspective on going fishing. With options to fish in swanky upscale marinas or among high traffic in one of the areas bustling piers; Los Angeles is the perfect place for the urban fisherman.

City lakes for the urban angler

Imagine yourself fishing with the sights and sounds of Dodger Stadium just a mile away. Well, welcome to Echo Park. This lake is minutes from downtown and offers a beautiful sense of serenity within the urban environment. While most urban fishing spots are heavy on carp, Echo Park offers a variety of other species such as bluegill, largemouth bass, catfish, and rainbow trout. For urban anglers with an eye for saltwater, Santa Monica Pier is one of the most visited recreational urban fishing locations. The pier offers one all sorts of strategic locations to fish from, giving the dedicated fishermen the resources he needs to leave the pier happy. With extensive traffic and diversity, fishing here can provide you with the full spectrum of urban fishing experiences.

Fancy fishing

For the more serious and luxurious urban fisherman, marinas offer all the amenities needed to be a successful fisherman while providing a terrific atmosphere and experience. Similar to ports or harbors, marinas are dedicated to maritime services. Marina Del Rey is one of the best marina locations in the Los Angeles area as it has a rich history and community. It is here where the more competitive fishermen can try their luck with various saltwater species while also getting to see a full display of the Pacific ecosystem in the region’s waters. It is not uncommon to be surprised by whales and dolphins while fishing in Marina Del Rey. The Marina also offers various services to make fishing fun and easier for you and your family. Boat rides, whale tours, and sport fishing are all different fishing experiences. With licenses also being required for recreational fishermen, the Marina allows its visitors to purchase one-day licenses as well, conveniently stocking all your fishing needs in one location.

Exploring the urban fishing community

Los Angeles provides fishermen with the opportunity to experience fishing in a whole new light and perspective. With busy lakes, high-traffic piers, and comprehensive marinas; fishing can become a whole new adventure for you and your family. An urban angler is an explorer, what city better to explore than Los Angeles?

Image courtesy Austin Neill / Unsplash


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