Getting Ready For The New Term: A Guide For South Bay Parents


    Schools in the South Bay region are already starting to look towards the first days of the new term. Educational institutions in Hermosa Beach, for example, are back on September 5th, while many other schools will resume classes around the same time. For parents, this can be both a blessing and a curse: while it means there’s no need for daytime childcare any more, it also means there’s a mountain of tasks to do around the home. So, why not use the remaining days to organize closets for uniforms, create spaces to keep bags and shoes altogether, and more? With a study from Clorox reporting that people with tidier homes are more likely to have good sleeps and feel more relaxed, there’s really nothing to lose by getting organized! Here are just some ideas for preparing your home in advance of the new term beginning.

    Organize closets

    Homes in South Bay cities like Manhattan Beach may tend to be on the larger side, but that doesn’t mean you should put up with disorganized closets! The school holidays are a good time to take stock of where all the kids’ school clothes live – and act to prevent last-minute morning rushes once school days are back. By using the time to arrange the kids’ closets in a way which means they’ll always be able to find clothes each morning, for example, you’ll be saving everyone stress and worry.

    Create designated school spaces

    School items take up a lot of room in a home: from the books required for homework to the backpacks needed to carry everything around in, this stuff can quickly become clutter if you don’t keep on top of it. So why not create a space – in your hallway, perhaps, or near the kitchen table – where everything has to be neatly stacked by your school age children when they get home? This is a great way to optimize the layout of your house and defend against the curse of clutter, so it’s worth the occasional argument with a grumpy teen in order to achieve!

    Take a break

    When you don your home organization hat, though, it’s easy to start feeling stressed out quite quickly – and that’s understandable. Planning a day off for the end of the summer vacation is a good way to keep focused and it also means you can spend some quality time with the kids before they head back to their usual whirlwind of books, after-school clubs and much more. The South Bay is full of amazing things to do in the summer: why not consider heading down to Sand Dune Park in Manhattan Beach, for example, or checking out a museum like the family-friendly ESMoA in El Segundo?

    There might be a lot to do out of doors here in the South Bay, but in order to live your best life then you need to ensure that what goes on indoors is properly organized as well. This is especially important for those with school-age children, too, otherwise chaos can ensue! By following the tips outlined here, you can use what’s left of the summer break to make sure your home is functioning in a tip-top fashion.

    Photo by Debby Hudson/Unsplash


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