Riviera Village


    Secluded, idyllic Riviera Village is an ideal place to spend a day off. In a six-block radius you’ll find a unique collection of clothing and gift shops, restaurants and cafés as well as professional offices to fulfill any need, all with gorgeous views of the Pacific Ocean and the golden green dramatic cliffs of the Palos Verdes Peninsula.


    From top fashion to unique gifts, you won’t find these one-of-a-kind stores at any shopping mall!


    From top-rated restaurants to bars, there’s plenty of places to eat at Riviera Village!

    Fun for the Family

    There’s something for everyone at Riviera Village. With restaurants to suit every taste and walking distance to the beach, Riviera Village is sure to please. Enjoy a spa day, go shopping, surf a famous beach, or just unwind for a bit.

    View our South Bay calendar for upcoming events at Riviera Village.

    Riviera Village website and directory.

    Riviera Village Map

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