Redondo Beach Boardwalk

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    Redondo Beach Boardwalk is a pathway for bikers, walkers and joggers alike. It’s a starting point to the South Bay Bicycle Trail which tours the south bay beaches and gives visitors a chance to explore Redondo Beach, Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach, Dockweiler State Beach, Venice, and even all the way up to Santa Monica. The boardwalk is a favorite location for dining, snacking over the ocean, or just walking through the shops and buying souvenirs. The International Boardwalk is just north of the Redondo Beach Pier. It includes a large arcade, fish markets, eateries and gift shops.

    Located just off of Pacific Coast Highway, one can find an array of things that Redondo Beach has to offer, especially during the summer (check out our calendar of events). During the day the hot sad is covered in footprints from families, volleyball players, and friends all enjoying the ocean breeze and sun.  At night the beach is calmer, but not completely deserted. There are fewer footprints in the sand left over by those from the day, and a few new prints from couples who like to lay out and gazRedondo Beach Piere at the twilight sky. If you are on the boardwalk, night runners randomly pass by and the night lights of bikers gleam across the path.  As calm as most nights are, evenings at the beach can occasionally get busy, especially during Grunion Run. This is when young adults, older adults, teens and families wait along the shore to see hundreds of grunion spawn in the sand. Many people even try to catch the Grunion with their bare hands, definitely an alternative to fishing with a pole. At the end of the boardwalk, signs read, “Please walk you bike beyond this point,” marking the entrance to the pier.

    Redondo Beach Pier Real EstateRedondo Beach Pier has a multitude of attractions. With popular venues such as the Brixton, the Dive, New Starboard Attitude and Breakwall Surf BBQ that host live bands throughout the week and the weekend, to the outdoor music concerts on the pier during the summer. Since 1952 the pier has been serving great food with the opening of Tony’s on the Pier, and since then the pier as expanded to includes restaurants such as El Torito Four Kitchens, Kincaid’s, Chop and Steakhouse, and Maison Ritz. If you aren’t interested in the desserts at the restaurants, your can walk around the pier and visit some of the many ice cream, frozen yogurt and churro shops. For those who want some fresh seafood, but aren’t in the mood for a restaurant atmosphere, they can always join the fishermen fishing right off the pier or choose a crab to take home from the pier seafood vendors.