Redondo Beach Cafe


    If you are a fan of fresh American food, authentic Greek food, a huge hockey fan, or all of the above then  there is a place for you. Seven years ago, owner Chris Tsangaris and his brother Kosta, decided to take their passion of Greek food and their Canadian upbringing in Montreal, Canada. and create a restaurant. Not off to start any ordinary restaurant, the brothers wanted to create a type of sports bar where customers could bring their families.  And through persistent efforts they have brought the spirit of Canada to a restaurant that not only prides themselves on quality food but is also strong supporter of the South Bay community. 

    At Redondo Beach Café  is more than just a restaurant, it is an experience. With their three major events, Canada Day, Canadian Thanksgiving and CFL’s grey cup, South Bay residents and travelers alike can get a little taste of what life is like up north. Through these events guests are known to support their hockey jerseys all day day long and there are even some celebrity appearances at these events. Some of the past appearances include Jim Fox, Cori Bedereth and Anthony Vaveo to name a few. And to top off  the ultimate Canadian experience the menu is filled with an array of Canadian dishes to give guests the complete taste and feel of Canada.

    Customers may pour in for the events but what keeps them coming back is the food.  Breakfast favorites like omelets, buttermilk pancakes and Belgian waffles are served all day long.  The lunch and dinner menu is filled with Greek favorites, such as lamb chops, Moussaka, which is ground beef eggplant potato topped with Bechanel, and Soulvaki platter which is either pork or chicken skewers with Tzatziki sauce on the side. But for those whose  taste buds are  more use to the American flavor, there are an array of different hamburgers made with all American Angus beef and their famous Montreal  smoked meat.
       There is food for just about every appetite. Even vegetarians  have a wide range of options of different salads and veggies wraps. Every meal is made from scratch, sometimes from the hands  of the Tsangris’s own mother. The freshest ingredients are used, right down to the sea salt from Greece. And with their large portion sizes,  Tsangars encourages guest to take their leftovers home,  giving guest the opportunity to  “ Think about us twice.”

    Although, RBC pays much tribute to their Canadian roots, they still are very devoted to the community in the South Bay by supporting both Redondo Beach High and the Palos Verdes football team, and offering organizations the chance to fund-raise at the restaurant. RBC aims to give back to the community that has contributed to their success.

    Success that has not come easy, with fluctuation  of the economy RBC  has struggled to make sacrifices, but never forfeiting  the quality of the food, by refusing to make smaller portions, or use cheaper products.  As Chris  Tsanagris said “ If  you know you’re enjoying something, you’ll want to go back.”

    Open 7:am to 10:pm everyday.

    1511 Pacific Coast Highway, Redondo Beach CA 90277