Coffee Cartel (Video)


    Coffee CartelBefore Redondo Beach had a Starbucks, and before the city had a Coffee Bean, there was the Coffee Cartel. Owned my Douglas Tom, the Coffee Cartel has been making freshly brewed coffee since 1992. In an economy, where many private businesses struggle to keeping customers coming back, Coffee Cartel has flourished for many reasons. Their product has been a major contributor to their success. Over the years, their menu has expanded by adding a variety of different hot and cold drinks. Customers can order espressos, coffee and teas, as well as frappuccino’s and boba drinks. Off the drink menu Coffee Cartel offers breakfast sandwiches, paninis, pastries, and cookies. Many of these items are healthy and gluten free. And it isn’t just the food that has attracted regular customers. The Coffee Cartel’s welcoming atmosphere and friendly service has created many loyal customers, many for over five years. It is not uncommon that when customers come in to order that they casual start up a conversations with their server. They also offers free internet, live entertainment such as live bands and poetry readings. Besides the entertainment it is a all around great place to lounge around and study. In the future the Coffee Cartel is hoping to make some new changes to the menu by making their own cookies, scones and pastries to offer tasty treats for a better price.

    Coffee Cartel

    1820 S Catalina Ave
    Redondo Beach, CA 90277

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