Cupcakes Cupcakes Cupcakes: Babycakes Baking Company


    Cupcakes have definitely been making a comeback. Once mainly used for children’s birthday parties and celebrations, cupcakes have now turned into a highly desired dessert.  In Torrance, Babycakes Baking Company has been a key holder in the cupcake revolution.  You may have seen them on Food Network’s Cupcake Wars. Babycakes is a community based business that loves serving the South Bay with one of a kind delicious treats.

    Before Babycakes debut appearance on Cupcake Wars, the shop started off as a dream of owner Khryste Langlais. Baking ever since high school, she decided to take her experience in baking, and her very limited business knowledge and created a shop where she could indulge her sweet tooth and allow customers to indulge as well.  One of the first things Langlais did was put the store’s sign in front of the building. From that day it took six months to get the shop up and running. Business took off right away, with customers already placing orders before the store was officially open. During the opening Langlais already felt welcomed into the community, but the day to day operations and keeping up with the demands of the customers gave Langlais a run for her money. And although she started working 12 hours days, she says that opening the store was one of her most memorable experiences because of the support of her family. Her parents busted the floors, painted the walls and even washed dishes to make sure the store was ready to be opened.  And  it is the product and the customer service that has helped keep the business running.

    Her unique cupcakes have satisfied many south bay residents. Her Vanilla Bean cupcake is her  most sought after cupcake because “I fill it with whip cream, then add a vanilla buttermilk cream  then I add milk chocolate shavings on top.” says Langliais. It is her constant dreams and fantasies of sweets, that have helped her create the wide variety of desserts of Babycakes. One of her recent cupcake inventions is called the Chocolate Bomb.  “The bottom layer is chocolate cake, on top of that is chocolate chip cookie dough, then I put a whole oreo, then I put a scoop of brownie batter then I bake it all together. Then on top I put a homemade marshmallow marange with chocolate sprinkles.” says Langlais.  The chocolate bomb and other delicious flavors are guaranteed to blow your mind.   The cupcake flavors are constantly evolving because the kitchen is a constant place of experimentation where new and old recipes are being incorporated together to make something new.

    Besides the creation of delicious and unique cupcake flavors Babycakes has another important commitment which is giving back to the community. Babycakes is a big supporter of education and donates their cupcakes to the Palos Verdes Education Foundations events, donation to school fundraisers and has participated in Sunday by the Sea. It is because of the support from the community that encourages Babycakes to constantly give back.