Easy Non-Toxic Do-it-Yourself Home Cleaning Tips


    Making homemade, all-natural cleaners is a great way to save money while giving you the freedom to control the ingredients and eliminate toxins found in the majority of store-bought household cleaners. This allows for worry-free cleaning around children and pets!

    Natural Citrus Vinegar Cleaner

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    This non-chemical all natural mixture is a great cleaner for windows, glass, counters, and mopping floors. You can also mix the vinegar/water mixture with a little baking soda for even more cleaning power!

    diy citrus vinegar cleaner

    Microwave Cleaning Made Easy

    lemon in water bowlYou’ll never need to scrub your microwave again! This easy trick helps the food slide right off your microwave walls with little effort.

    Step 1: Fill a microwave-safe bowl 1/2 full of water.
    Step 2: Squeeze a whole lemon into the water.
    Step 3: Microwave for 5 minutes. Then let sit for 1-2 minutes (with door closed).
    Step 4: Carefully remove the bowl and the glass turn tray, and wipe the microwave clean – everything should lift very easily!
    Step 5: Wash the turn tray in warm soapy water and return to the microwave.

    Garbage Disposal Cleaning

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    After a while garbage disposal blades will become dull and won’t work as well as they used to. This simple solution will not only clean the disposal and reduce bad smells, but it will also sharpen the blades for improved future performance.

    All you need is an ice tray for your homemade solution of ice, vinegar, and lemons.

    garbage disposal cleaning

    Fill the ice tray with 8 parts water and 1 part vinegar. Then cut up a lemon and drop a small piece of the lemon rind into each slot to help with odor. Leave the solution to freeze. Make sure to label the tray so you don’t have the unwelcome surprise of a vinegar ice cube in your next cocktail!

    Once frozen, drop the ice cubes down into the garbage disposal. Turn on the device and run some water from the faucet to help wash down the bits of debris. Make sure to completely grind up the ice. The ice works well to not only sharpen the blades but also dislodge any pieces of food that may be stuck. The vinegar will clean off all of the surfaces and the lemon will leave a nice smell.

    How to Remove Hard Water

    Courtesy The Thrifty Home

    Ahhh, the cleaning powers of vinegar!! Another quick cleaning solution that utilizes cheap and non-toxic plain white vinegar.

    For the refrigerator in-door dish:
    Pop the dish out, pour a little vinegar in it and let it sit for about 20 minutes. Use an old toothbrush and the hard water just wipes off without barely any scrubbing.

    Clean FaucetsTo clean faucets:
    Soak some paper towels in vinegar and place them on the areas with hard water. After about 20 minutes, take the towels off and scrub off the hard water with an old toothbrush. For areas with thick hard water, put the towels back on and wait another hour keeping the towels soaked with vinegar. You shouldn’t have to scrub very hard, the hard water will wipe off easily after soaking in the vinegar.

    You can also use vinegar on shower heads to unclog all of the holes. Some shower heads easily detach from the base and can be soaked in a bucket. For others, you may have to tie a bag filled with vinegar to the attached shower head.

    Warning: Do not use vinegar on marble countertops or other stoneware as it can cause the stone to pit and corrode!

    Tub Scrub

    Courtesy Martha Stewart

    Here’s a nontoxic but effective way to clean your tub. Add one teaspoon of liquid soap and several drops of an antibacterial essential oil (such as tea tree, eucalyptus, rosemary, or peppermint) to one cup of baking soda. Add just enough water to form a paste, and use it with a sponge or brush to scour bathtub surfaces.

    Grout Cleaner

    Courtesy A Mum ‘n the Oven

    A simple homemade grout cleaner – 7 cups water, 1/2 cup baking soda, 1/3 cup ammonia (or lemon juice), and 1/4 cup vinegar. Spray on grout, leave for about 1 hour, then scrub vigorously with a scrub brush. Voila!

    Remove Pet Odors

    Courtesy First Home Love Life

    2 parts water to 1 part mouthwash. Spray area completely and lay newspaper on top. The newspaper will absorb the smell completely. If it’s an older accident, you may need to do it a couple of times.

    coffee mugsCoffee Stained Mugs

    Courtesy PopSugar

    This quick cleaning tip for erasing coffee stains will make your mugs sparkle. Start by rinsing the coffee cup in warm water. Dampen a soft cloth and sprinkle it with about one teaspoon of table salt and add a drop of dish soap. Gently rub the inside of the mug until the rings disappear. It’s that simple! Give the cup a quick wash, and it’s free of any nasty coffee stains.

    Naturally Clean Wooden Cutting Board

    Courtesy PopSugar

    If your wooden cutting board is too big to wash in the sink, it can be a challenge to really clean well. This easy cleaning method uses natural ingredients to safely clean and refresh in just minutes. You’ll love how your cutting board shines and is free of any lurking bacteria.

    Cutting BoardCover your cutting board with a generous sprinkling of table salt and give it a little massage. Along with gently exfoliating the wood, the salt naturally cleans and dislodges any hiding bits of food. Next cut a lemon in half and use the cut side to really rub the cutting board. Lemon is naturally antibacterial, making it a super-cleaner when it comes to tackling tough jobs. The lemon juice works together with the salt to clean and kill any bacteria from the wood. Once thoroughly scrubbed, give the cutting board a wipe using a soft cloth, removing all the salt from the board. Let the board fully dry before the next step.

    To keep your clean cutting board in the best shape, treat it with food-grade mineral oil. Buff the mineral oil onto the board with a paper towel and enjoy the shine.Non-toxic DIY Home Cleaning

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