New Online Series “The Port of San Pedro”


    Undercover detective Nick de Salvo, and his debonair and corruptible police captain Sebastian Montenero team up to investigate the beautiful, mysterious and overly ambitious Luli-May Tang a Chinese woman running an illegal currency forgery operation in Macao looking for new ventures in The port of San Pedro, paired with Mike Moretti a mute sociopath she employs as her bodyguard. Standing in the way of De Salvo’s investigation is Augustine Quintero aka “Quint”, a morally ambiguous man looking for new opportunities along with his attraction for the deadly femme fatale.

    “The Port of San Pedro” is a new “Noir” innovative series created, written and directed by Cleo Valente. A throwback to the 1950’s cinema with a twist, bringing back the classic glamour of the era, the craft and discipline of the genre. Shot in black and white with a multi-talented ethnically driven cast that accentuates all the elements of a gripping script.

    “The Port of San Pedro” takes us to the original recipe of the movies of the Classic Noir who questioned the facade of everyday life in stories that had a wide appeal. They retain their popularity worldwide because their themes addresses the human condition and the frailty of normal lives which at any moment can be plunged into chaos. The moral ambivalence, lust, love and greed that can destroy lives instantly, a theme that will be popular and immensely entertaining.

    Visit their website here to watch trailers, sneak peeks and goodies from the filming.


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