Movie & TV Location Scouting in the South Bay


    Located less than 30 miles from Hollywood, the South Bay has been the prime location choice for hundreds of movies and TV shows, not to mention countless commercials, over the years going back to the early 1900s! Our beautiful coastline and unique communities present so many opportunities for filmmakers to tell their stories, regardless of where the story is supposed to be set.

    Filmmakers are drawn to our area’s scenic natural beauty as well as the industrial, working-port landscapes.  Our gorgeous beaches can stand in for other coastal cities around the world (Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End). TV shows Dexter and CSI Miami, both set in Florida, are actually filmed right here in the South Bay.

    Historic landmarks, like San Pedro’s Warner Grand Theatre, are great for period pieces (Mad Men).  The San Pedro downtown area in general has a variety of interesting architecture that could be used for San Francisco or similar locales. The Port of Los Angeles docks and warehouses, Terminal Island, Point Fermin Park (500 Days of Summer), and the USS Iowa battleship are other popular filming spots.

    Filming SignTorrance High School alone has been the backdrop for more than a dozen movie and TV shows.

    Almost daily I spot the telltale yellow & black production signs as I drive around town.  Here’s a sampling of some of the productions filmed in and around the South Bay. Comment below to let me know if there are any movies or TV shows I missed!

    palos verdes

    Entourage Movie - Palos Verdes
    Entourage Movie – Palos Verdes
    True Detective - Wayfarer's Chapel
    True DetectiveWayfarer’s Chapel

    redondo beach

    Ray Donovan - Redondo Beach Power Plant
    Ray DonovanRedondo Beach Power Plant

    hermosa beach

    san pedro tv shows

    Ray Donovan - with Port of LA in the background
    Ray Donovan – with Port of LA in the background
    Rosewood - at San Pedro Brewing Company
    Rosewood – at San Pedro Brewing Company
    Fear the Walking Dead - at Sunken City
    Fear the Walking Dead – at Sunken City
    Fear the Walking Dead - at Sunken City
    Fear the Walking Deadat Sunken City

    Live by Night - at Warner Grand Theatre
    Live by Night – at Warner Grand Theatre


    Climate of Fear - at The Sepulveda Home
    Climate of Fear – at The Sepulveda Home
    500 Days of Summer - Point Fermin
    500 Days of SummerPoint Fermin

    Have you seen something filmed in the South Bay that I haven’t mentioned above? Please comment below and I’ll add any projects that I missed!


    1. I grew up in Abalone Cove from 1959-1974 and saw all sorts of filming. I remember the big semi truck with the It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World on the side of the road…was weird.
      In 5th grade (1962ish?) at Lunada Bay Elementary we saw a film shoot at the edge of the cliff. It was a procession scene for Liz Taylor’s Cleopatra. My best friend and I years later were at our regular playground Marineland. They were shooting the Batman movie. My friend had a lot more courage and went up to talk to the crew…..they invited him and he got a ride in the Batmobile! Never saw the shoot but just watched an episode of The Invaders with Roy Thienes and it was shot in the back of the park at the water purification buildings.

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