Dog-Friendly Summer Activities Near the South Bay


LA is ranked among the most dog-friendly cities in America, which makes it a great place to go exploring with your pet. Currently, the city is brimming with outdoor events for the summer season, but dog walkers need to be careful about which spaces permit pets and which do not. Whether you’re a lifelong veteran of LA or taking a well-earned vacation, here’s a list of hiking trails, hotels and even eat-in restaurants that are verifiably dog-friendly.

Go Hiking in the Valley

Contrary to its perception as a region cloaked in traffic jams, hiking ranks among the best activities that LA has to offer. Runyon Canyon is a great option for pets that contains unbeatable views of the city’s northeast. Managed by LA’s Department of Parks and Recreation, the canyon compromises over 160 acres of undeveloped scenery in Hollywood Hills. You–and your dog–will enjoy the opportunity to traipse the fresh air and explore LA’s wild(life) side.

Take Your Pet To Dinner

After a day of hiking at Runyon, take your dog to one of the nearby indoor and outdoor pet-friendly restaurants, like The Morrison and Eveleigh. The Morrison is a Scottish pub located in Atwater Village with its own menu of ground meat, rice and treats for dogs. The ‘human’ menu contains a wide range of specialties, desserts, and a happy hour, with frequent pub specials and events to celebrate Scottish heritage. Eveleigh, by contrast, is a rustic, farm-to-table West Hollywood establishment with gorgeous views of the city. The outdoor patio contains a lush garden complete with lime trees and space for your dog to frolic while you enjoy your meal.

Stay in a Dog-Friendly Hotel

Visitors to LA don’t need to worry, because the city contains a whopping 586 pet-friendly hotels of varying prices. Airbnb is another popular option, although we recommend informing your host that you plan on bringing your dog even if they’re listed as pet-friendly to avoid any surprises. The wide range of accommodation and bustling dog activity makes LA the ideal vacation city for people who don’t want to leave their dog behind!

LA in the summer is truly a sight to behold, so don’t let your dog(s) stop you from soaking in all the beauty the city has to offer.  Take every opportunity you can to explore the city while bringing your dog in tow–because really, who doesn’t love a pet-inclusive adventure?

Photo Credit: Evieanna Santiago/Unsplash


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