Energy Usage Monitor

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    Photo courtesy of tristanf

    As part of our Going Green series, we are taking a look at different ways to make our homes and lives more energy efficient here in the Los Angeles South Bay.

    One way is to install a simple Energy Usage Monitor. The idea is the more you know how your energy (and money) is spent. The more “power” you have to make changes.

    This monitor allows you to see real time how much power is used by that power strip behind the entertainment center…even when everything is turned off. It allows for quick calculations of how much energy is used for half loads of laundry or the dishwasher. You can monitor your energy usage when the thermostat is set for 76 verses 73 degrees.

    One of the best parts about these devices is it offers an opportunity to teach your kids about the importance of saving electricity, or perhaps they will teach you! Kids seem to love the real time updates to their impact on the energy consumption.  We’ll post an update on how this device affects our own usage. Would also love to hear what you think!

    Also, we found these products on Amazon for half the price shown in the video.